• Kansas Grown Farmer's Market at 21st and Ridge. During the winter months this market is open indoors one Saturday a month (Jan 14, Feb 11, March 11) and then every week April through October. Check the Ks Grown Farmer's Market website for more details. Stop by and say hi to the Millers! Enjoy picking up foods four times per month while you're out shopping on SATURDAYS anyway!
  • For the Newton/Elbing area customers we plan to meet you at the same pick up point in Newton that HDTG used, the public parking lot 1/2 block east of 5th and Main. This service may start as early as January or February, more details to come.
  • Delivered to your door....in the Newton/Wichita area. Information will be sent via email for ordering and/or by phone. This service may start as early as January or February, more details to come. Please give suggestions by contacting the Millers.
  • You are welcome to stop by our house in rural Hutch to pick up food. There is usually some food in the freezer, although quantity may vary. Please CALL before you come.
  • A few things to note - 
  • Our foods are available in three sizes - small, medium, large
  • Prices include sales tax.
  • There are typically 10-12 entrees as well as some individual sides such as bierocks, enchiladas, etc. 

New Owners of HDTG - 

Miller's Homestyle Meals

The Miller's History - In the fall of  2012 a friend mentioned to them that frozen meals could work well at the Reno Co Farmers Market. They had been looking for something that their family could do together, and this seemed a good fit. By the spring of 2013 they had an inspected kitchen and were selling meals at a local market in the Hutch area. In the spring of 2015 they started attending the Ks Grown Farmers Market at 21st and Ridge in Wichita. Now they desire to also serve the Homemade Dinners To Go friends and look for your input as y'all make this transition.  


We at Homemade Dinners To Go give  a heartfelt THANKS to ALL who supported our business these past 4 1/2 years! We have loved serving the greater Wichita, Newton, and Elbing areas with convenient take-n-bake freezer foods! We trust you have enjoyed the easy yet homemade mealtimes. 


HDTG has been sold to Arno and Linda Miller of Miller's Homestyle Meals. We know they will serve you well into the future! You will love their homestyle foods with the same convenience of pulling your favorites from the freezer and baking in your oven to share with all who gather 'round your table!


Four WAYS to BUY foods from Miller's Homestyle Meals